Everything You Need To Know

Where can I sell Paparazzi Accessories and Jewelry?

You can sell Paparazzi Accessories in many places! You can sell at on your FREE Paparazzi Website, home parties, basket parties, garage sales large events, your own website, boutiques, a booth in a store, expos, fairs, just about everywhere.

You can NOT sell on online auction sites such as Ebay and Amazon or Facebook Market.

Please note that if you are involved with a fair, expo, large event, etc. there can only be ONE Paparazzi Accessories booth. It is the Paparazzi Consultants responsibility to check with the show managers and promoters to make sure there are not any other Paparazzi Accessories booths.

The best things about Paparazzi Jewelry are the very generous 45% commission you make plus the limited restrictions on selling.  So many direct sales companies have a lot of restrictions on how and where you can sell their products.

Paparazzi has the standard restrictions of no Ebay / Amazon, which is good as those places devalue a product, so lets move on to where you can sell Paparazzi Accessories.

1 - Home Parties - Its a lot of fun to have a Paparazzi Jewelry Home Party.  You get to meet a lot of people and basically get paid to hang out with them.  Everyone usually feels "pressured" to buy at these home parties with most "home party" companies, however that is not the case with Paparazzi Accessories.  Since the Jewelry is soooo cute and nicely made and ONLY $5 everyone loves it and its not breaking the bank!  It really is a low pressure sale, just show the product and mingle.

2 - Fairs - These take more inventory and time, but can bring in a lot of money.  Not as personable as home parties, but still a great way to meet new people and have good sales.

3 - Boutique's / Salons - If you own one of these you can sell them there, if not you can always approach the owner and see about displaying some of your items and working out details to share the profits with them, or better yet have them sign up to be a Paparazzi Accessories Consultant

4 - Online. - This is my favorite one!  While the others are fun and can make great money nothing beats selling online!  Websites are hard workers, working 24 x 7 for you!  It never needs to sleep, eat, take kids to school, do laundry, clean the house etc.  Each Paparazzi Consultant receives their very own FREE website as soon as they enroll!!! Now every Consultant can sell and also host parties on their website!!! 

For Shopify setup, you can visit ShopaSetup—a company that specializes in Shopify setup services for Paparazzi stores or Google "Shopify Store Setup Assistance."  


What is Paparazzi Jewelry Made of?

All Paparazzi Jewelry and Accessories are made nickel and lead free. The jewelry and accessories are produced in facilities in China which have very high standards and regulations for quality and labor. Each piece is a one-of-a-kind that has a unique, original design, style, and feel and is only available for purchase through Independent Paparazzi Consultants. The pieces are always changing so buy it when you see it! It might not be available again!


Are there monthly requirements to meet for Paparazzi Accessories Consultants?

There are no monthly quotas that need to be met to keep your Independent Paparazzi Consultant status. However, in order to get paid commissions from your down-line (team) you will need to be "ACTIVE" for that month. To be considered "ACTIVE" you must buy at least 50 PV's (25 pieces) in that calendar month.

There are definitely "perks" for being an "Active" Paparazzi Consultant.


-You will be included in Paparazzi's "Official" Consultant Search Results. Customers who are wanting to buy from have to find a Consultant to put their order under. This Consultant list is of those Consultants that were active the previous month. If you were not active, you will not show up in search results.

- Consultants who join my team will also be featured on my website's Consultant Search Feature. Tons of my team members have done parties and have even recruited because of this feature!

- Another benefit for my team is I give away a lot of FREE jewelry to my team and no one is left behind. We all are going to succeed. 

How do I get paid as an Independent Paparazzi Consultant?

There are three ways to get paid with Paparazzi Accessories:

#1 - As a Paparazzi Consultant you have the ability to purchase Paparazzi Jewelry and Accessories at a whole sale price of $2.75 per piece. You buy your stock directly from Paparazzi and then turn around and sell it for $5. After paying yourself back the original $2.75 that you paid for that piece, you are left with a $2.25 profit. There is no need to report this to Paparazzi or your sponsor. Just simply pocket the profit! You will want to keep track of how many pieces you sell so that you can report it all for tax purposes.

#2 - Customers can purchase from your FREE Paparazzi Website 24/7. You will receive 45% commissions on all these orders. These will be paid in the commissions check you receive each month.

#3 - When you build your own down-line or team, you have the opportunity to earn commissions based on their performance by check mailed or by direct deposit. In order to get paid on your commissions you must be active, in good standing, and in compliance with the Paparazzi Accessories Agreement. The minimum amount that can get paid by check or direct deposit is $20. If the commission payment is less then $20 for the month, those funds will be added to the next months commission checks.



Can I sell Paparazzi Accessories and Jewelry for less then $5?

No - Paparazzi Accessories a can not be resold for less then the suggested retail price of $5. Paparazzi Jewelry is already at a very discounted rate of $5. This is already lower then most of the competitors. When one consultant lowers the price it often becomes a "pricing war" among all the other consultants which damages Paparazzi's brand. It's because of this that Paparazzi Accessories does not allow the selling of Paparazzi products on online classified ads, such as Craigslist, or online auction sites, such as eBay. Sites like these encourage low pricings.

It is also not allowed to advertise a promotion which de-values the pieces. For example: if an advertised promotion shows "5 for $20", it would mean that each piece was valued at $4. That's $1 below suggested retail pricing.


How can I advertise my events and parties?

There are many ways to get the word out about your event!

Some ideas are:

  • paper invitations
  • E-Vites
  • Facebook Live
  • Texting
  • Posters
  • online classified ads** and more!

**Craigslist - as long as there is no advertised promotions and is only an announcement about the event.


How much as an Independent Paparazzi Consultant do I pay for shipping?

Whether you're a Paparazzi Consultant ordering in the Consultant Back Office or you are a Customer ordering from the Paparazzi Website, shipping is a FLAT $5.95! Orders OVER $100 ship FREE!

Do I have to do home parties?

Nope - you do not have to do home parties! There are many other ways to sell Paparazzi Jewelry. Look under "Where can I sell Paparazzi Accessories and Jewelry?" to see where you can sell.

How to Afford a Paparazzi Accessories Starter Kit?

Statistics and my own experience have indicated that if you sign up to become a Paparazzi Consultant with the $499 or $299 Starter Kit, you will have a greater chance of really succeeding with Paparazzi Accessories. You can read more about why I strongly encourage consultants to start with a larger Starter Kit here. If you know that you really want to start off right but feel you just can't afford that large of an initial investment then I am here to help! The $99 Starter Kit is a great way to start! Here are some quick little ideas you can do to help you save up for that Starter Kit. Try these and you will be selling Paparazzi Jewelry in no time!

        - Have a Garage Sale! We all have "junk" around the house that you could easily sell to others! List your items on Craig's List or post about your sale everywhere! You could even sell stuff on EBay!

- Sacrifice! Is there something you could give up for a month or two? Maybe soda, a daily trip to Starbuck's, candy, eating out, or your monthly pedicure? Take that money and put it towards the kit. You'll be surprised at just how much money you will come up with! It may be hard to go without but just think of all the pedicures and lattes you can afford when your Paparazzi business is booming!

- Credit Card! Credit cards are awesome if you don't abuse them! If you put your starter kit on a credit card you will be able to pay that amount off when you have sold just 60 pieces! That is one to two parties!



How much can I make as a Paparazzi consultant?


You can make money 2 different ways when you are a Paparazzi Consultant! 


1 - Money made through SALES!

You can make as much as you want by selling! If you need money for groceries, go out and sell!


2 - Money made through BUILDING A TEAM!

You earn a commission based off your team sales!




This is an example of a Newsletter sent out during the BUSIEST TIME of the YEAR for Paparazzi Independent Consultants!!!



Do you remember when I said that October could get a little crazy?  Well, November will be even crazier!   People will be buying jewelry like crazy.  They will book parties like crazy!  They will love Paparazzi like crazy!  Do you think I am crazy?  Only slightly:)
For the next 6 weeks, you can expect your business to do amazing things if you are out  showing the accessories and talking about it to people.  Women cannot pass up Paparazzi for Christmas gifts!  They are already in the “gift buying mood” and what better reasonably-priced gifts are there then Paparazzi!   A beautiful $5 necklace and earring set is perfect.
Want to make some money?  Got on the phone and schedule some parties.  Call past hostesses, past leads or BUSINESSES where women work.   Basket parties and office visits have the potential to be HUGE!  Why?  Because working women usually have a little more money, less time to go shopping, need to look professional and will be buying presents.  If you bring an accessory store to them, they WILL buy!

*Order Early and allow plenty of time for shipping!   Because everyone is doing parties, Paparazzi is slammed with big orders everyday.  It  will take a day or two longer to get your order than usual.  PLAN AHEAD and have extra on hand.  You never know when someone will drop by your home and buy 20 pieces.  You might be surprised when 3 people want to do a basket party the same time as your 2 home parties.  DO NOT order after every party.  You are wasting valuable time.    Last year, I bought 500+pieces every 2 weeks.  I wanted the volume discount and I knew it would sell.  Not only did I sell more because I had a large variety, but I also made more because I paid less per piece of jewelry due to the show rebate!  Boo yeah!
*Remind every person at every party to buy Christmas/holiday presents.   If you remind them, they will do it.  I’ve been selling more to each person because I talk up the holidays!
*Use your Calendar.   Have your calendar front and center when checking people out.  They will see that you dates are filling up and will feel like they NEED to book a party right then so someone else doesn’t take the date.  When checking people out, say “From now until Christmas is the best time to host a party.  People are buying gifts for Christmas and Paparazzi makes amazing gifts.   You will have more people come to a party and those people will buy more at parties because Paparazzi makes AMAZING holiday gifts.   Who doesn’t love affordable and cute gifts for their friends and family?  Does a weeknight or week end work better for you?”
*Have a basket party ready to go all the time.   Take one to every party.  If the hostess works, she will probably say quite a few people from her work didn’t make it over to the party.  Have her take a basket to work for more  free jewelry.  Also, there may be guests that come though who will take a basket that night.
*Carry a lot of neutrals.  People will be buying gifts.  Many of them will be “safe” in their choice if they stick with a neutral.  Have starlet shimmers in your supplies.  Most blockbuster necklaces sell well.  Ribbon necklaces, short charm necklaces, long silver w/wired and _____ pearls, wired silver w/ivory peals (p8041), and the short w/ovals rings white/black diamonds have all been great sellers for me.   Also, the silver cuffs and wire flower earrings in both colors and styles are a must have!
*STOCK Up!  If you haven’t noticed, quite a few of the blockbuster necklaces have already disappeared.  If you know you are going to have parties, buy what you can while you can!!!  Because they sell so well, some of the necklaces will be gone before the end of the month.   I’m hoping the brown and white ribbon necklace, and peach glaze necklace make it back up on the site soon.  Buy a large order on every order.   Spend $400 and get free shipping!
*HAVE FUN!   Parties and events are fun!  Relax.  Show you have a personality.  Be happy.  Joke around.  Be a real person – not just a salesman. Tell everyone how awesome your parties are and that you will be having a great Christmas with the money you are earning.
If you missed the webinar from Paparazzi, you may have missed that Puerto Rico is open to Paparazzi consultants now.  If you have any connections to Puerto Rico spread the word that they can earn money selling this great product!  Also, the Paparazzi Accessories website is up in Spanish.   Send those who read and speak Spanish to the site.  If you need someone who speaks Spanish to answer questions, call Paparazzi Accessories and ask for Amanda.  There is also Spanish literature you can print out in your back office on the bottom left hand side. 
Where you can sell Paparazzi?  Anywhere!!!   Women, men, kids, teens, grandmas will buy Paparazzi for the next 7 weeks.   It makes perfect gifts.  Here are some places you can visit or call (besides home parties) to inquire about sharing Paparazzi.
*Retirement centers
*Assisted Living Centers/nursing homes
*School break rooms
*Doctors offices/dental offices/hospitals
*Anywhere there are a lot of secretaries/office staff
*Women centers
*Salons/beauty schools
*Sporting events
The key is to show the jewelry to people and say the price.   You can DO THIS!!!! 
I recommend either calling or stopping by a business with a basket of jewelry.  Ask for the office manager, activity director or whoever is in charge.  And say something like this:  “I want to give the women (and men) who work here a great deal on jewelry and accessories.  Christmas is coming and it is probably hard for them to do as much shopping as they need.  I would only charge $5 plus tax and it would make awesome presents.  May I set up ________ (in your break room___________ for a few days/hours?”  You will get a few “yes” and a few “no’s”.  No worry.  It is money in the bank!


On the Fence about joining Paparazzi?


Thinking about joining Paparazzi Jewelry?  Want more information before you take the jump?

 Watch these videos, it's a lot to watch, but if you are thinking about joining and spending money on purchasing inventory make sure you know what you are getting into. 

Plus if you do decide to become a Paparazzi Consultant there is A LOT of very good information on how to get started and do well with Paparazzi Accessories and Jewelry!

Paparazzi Compensation Plan

How do I make money as a Paparazzi Consultant?

  There are TWO great ways to make $$$ with   Paparazzi Accessories.

#1 - Retail Sales

#2 - Commissions from your Down Line  (Consultants that enroll under you!)



When you order product for parties, events, etc, you pay a whole sale price. The price of each item is $2.75. This is what you pay for each piece you buy. When you take that piece to the party and sell it, you sell it for $5. That means you are profiting $2.25 each piece you sell. That equals out to 45% commissions!!! That is insane!!! And to make it even better, you simply pocket the money! There is no need to report it to Paparazzi. And you have already paid Sales Tax on the pieces when you bought them yourselves. All you have to keep track of is the total profits. (For more Tax Info, click HERE!)



You will make a residual monthly income when you build your own team! With the Paparazzi Compensation Plan you can make up to 10% of what your personally sponsored Consultants purchase / sell! Check out the chart below for the whole Paparazzi Compensation Plan. Just remember that the goal of any Compensation Plans is to be totally confusing!!! ;) It took me a while to figure it all out! But it will become clearer to you as you make your way through all the ranks!



 If you have any questions about the Paparazzi Compensation Plan, please let me know! I am happy to help!

Jalisa Jones

Paparazzi Ind. Cons. # 451018



Paparazzi Compensation Plan Explained

If you're like me when I first started Paparazzi looking at this chart does nothing to help understand how I get paid or advance rank! Now that I have had experience and have advanced ranks, I feel like I can explain it now. Hopefully you find this helpful and easier to understand!

There are 2 things you need to know in order to understand the Paparazzi Compensation Plan:


PV - This is found a lot in Paparazzi. PV stands for "Personal or Product Value". PV is the number that Paparazzi Accessories uses to determine a lot of things. Like if a Paparazzi Consultant is active or not, how commissions are calculated and more. Each piece of Paparazzi products costs $2.75 wholesale, and carries with it 2 PV. So for every standard Paparazzi (this excludes the startlet Shimmer) item you get 2 PV's.


ACTIVE - In order to be an "ACTIVE" Paparazzi Consultant, you need at least 50 PV's each calendar month. 50 PV's translates into 25 pieces. So a Paparazzi Consultant needs to purchase 25 pieces a month to be called Active. Active status is required in order to earn bonuses and commissions on you down-line.

There are no monthly requirements to be a consultant, but if you are NOT "Active" you will not make any commission on your downline (team).

There is a yearly requirement of 200 pv to remain a Paparazzi Consultant.


Paparazzi created their Compensation Plan to help those who are building a business and helping others to do so as well. They will be rewarded with longer term residual income. So basically the Paparazzi Compensation Plan rewards you for building, training. and supporting a team of Consultants! The reward that Team Builders get is based upon their teams success and longevity of their Paparazzi Business. You will be able to earn a commission off of the inventory that your team members personally purchases through Paparazzi to do their own parties and events. The more your team members sell at parties, the more they will need to buy more inventory, the more commissions you will make!  What does this mean to you?  This means I want you to succeed and will do what I can to help you be successful with Paparazzi.


Now lets look at the chart and find out what all that stuff means!


CONSULTANT -  This is what you become when you sign up to sell Paparazzi. You are entitled to buy Paparazzi Jewelry at a wholesale price and are also eligible for the "Show Rebate". A "Show Rebate" is for those Consultants who wish to bring in a large amount of inventory for a show or event. Paparazzi will give you a percentage of that order back, which increases the profit you will receive when you sell the item. For any single order of 1,000 PV or more Paparazzi will give you a 10% rebate in your monthly check.


STAR CONSULTANT -  You become a Star Consultant when you have ordered 50 PV's (25 pieces). Most Consultants reach this rank within their first month or two. These consultants are eligible for all the benefits of a regular consultant plus 5% of their down-lines orders if they have recruited. You are also eligible to get a Business Building Bonus or BBB. If the consultant that you personally enroll and sponsor sign on with a Starter Kit or order more than 200 PV's on their first order, Paparazzi Accessories will reward you with a $30 bonus!


DIRECTOR - This is when you will see a significant jump in your commission checks! That's why I try to encourage my team to hit Director in their first 30 days! When a consultant orders at least 50 PV's in a month and has sponsored 3 recruits and those 3 recruits are all "ACTIVE" then you will become a Paparazzi Director! Not only do you receive the benefits of the Star Consultant but your commissions will increase from 5% to 10% on your front line. A Front Line are those Consultants who you Personally Sponsored and are directly below you. This is also known as Unilevel 1. And if your Unilevel 1 recruits their own consultants then that would be your Unilevel 2. Director's earn 5% of what their Unilevel 2 (or as I call it, your 2nd level) orders through Paparazzi.


PREMIER DIRECTOR - You still have to do all that a Director does PLUS have an Organizational (Team) Product Volume of at least 3,000. Only 1/3 of the PV's can come from each leg. So if you have 3 consultants and one of them has 3,000 PV's and the other two only have 100 PV's, you would NOT become a Premier Director. That first consultant is carrying all the PV's basically! So the PV's need to be spread out amongst the recruits. It's easier to achieve this when you have a bigger team. You get all the commissions from your 2 levels just as a Director did. But, if your 2nd level recruits, you would also collect 5% commissions from your Unilevel 3 (or, third level). So to summarize: off your Front Line you would make 10% commissions, your 2nd level you would earn 5%, and your third level you will earn 5% also.


Why Should I Join Paparazzi Jewelry Consultant

If you are thinking about becoming a Paparazzi Consultant make sure you join under the right person! Me!!! :)
What makes me the right person?  With me you are joining an AMAZING team that offers tons of support both from myself and my upline!  There is always contests to motivate and information to teach!  My team has access to a lot of different Facebook groups that have tons of documents available at all times to download and use.  We have a lot of training calls that offer a lot of good advice and information that motivates you to get out there and make it happen.
What is the Hardest thing about Direct Sales / Home Parties?
The fear of running out of family and friends to have host parties.  While Paparazzi is usually pretty easy to sell, but if you can't get it in front of anyone you will not be successful!  Your goal is to always get 2 parties booked from each one you do.  We teach you what helps make this happen which keeps your business moving forward so you can make money as a Paparazzi Consultant!
Here is why you want to sign up under me.  I have found the best way to get your Paparazzi Jewelry in front of people without having to ask your family and friends to host a party!  It's great for sales and a lot of times you are able to book parties and even get consultants from this.  Of course I always recommend doing a Launch Party at your own house inviting your friends, family and neighbors to, but if that limited resource dries up where do you go?
I have found where to go and with great success.  It's not a big secret, and you will probably say to yourself "Why didn't I think of that?".  I share this with all my downline so they can grow their business. 

Paparazzi Jewelry Starter Kits




Paparazzi has revamped the Starter Kits! You can become a Paparazzi Consultant for as low as $99! Crazy, huh?! But they are making the new Starter Kits MUCH BETTER and more AFFORDABLE to everyone!

Once you have made the awesome and smart decision to Join Paparazzi Accessories you have a few more decisions to make! Paparazzi Jewelry offers three "Starter Kits" to help jumpstart your Paparazzi business. Depending on your initial budget and needs there is bound to be a Starter Kit that is perfect for you. These Starter Kits range from $499 to $99. Don't freak out! I know it sounds like a lot but I will explain why it is worth the initial investment. Let me go specifically over what comes in each kit.

***Starter Kits are only Available for INITIAL PURCHASES

of new Consultants***


LARGE HOME PARTY KIT - $499 Retail Value = $1100!!!

What I love most about this kit is the Convention Ticket! Convention is such a valuable tool to help your business succeed! There is so much training, inspiration, and fun! You also have enough inventory to do 2 or 3 great home parties before you will have to reorder! This Starter Kit is also a great one for the Consultants who plan on setting up a small storefront within another business.

- 200 pieces of inventory (Five Trend Blends included in count)

- 5 Style Snapshots 

- 5 Stylist Tip Cards

- Necklace Bust

- Ring Display

- Earring Display

- Bracelet Display

- Paparazzi Party Planner

- 100 Pink Sales Bags

- 100 Pegboard Display Hooks

- Complete Jewelry Tool Kit

- Vinyl Window Decal

- 50 Party Invitations

- 25 Receipts

- 10 Thank You Cards

- 10 Frequent Buyer Loyalty Cards

- 10 Compensation Plan Brochures

- 5 Consultant Enrollment Forms



SMALL HOME PARTY KIT - $299 Retail Value = $600!!! 

This kit has everything you'll need for a fantastic Launch Party and more! Paparazzi hand-picks everything that goes into this kit. They make sure that the newest Paparazzi Consultant is set up for success from the start! You will get a variety of colors and styles of necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and rings.

- 120 pieces of inventory (Three Trend Blends included in count)- 3 Style Snapshots 

- 3 Stylist Tip Cards

- Necklace Bust

- Ring Display

- Paparazzi Party Planner

- 50 Pink Sales Bags

- 75 Pegboard Display Hooks

- Complete Jewelry Tool Kit

- Vinyl Window Decal

- 50 Party Invitations

- 25 Receipts

- 10 Thank You Cards

- 10 Frequent Buyer Loyalty Cards

- 5 Compensation Plan Brochures

- 5 Consultant Enrollment Forms


PREVIEW PACK - $99   Retail Value = $175!!!

You can become a Paparazzi Consultant for as little as $99!!!  This is the cheapest way to become a Paparazzi Consultant.  You will get $175 worth of jewelry! What a great deal! 

Here's a video of what comes in the Paparazzi Accessories $99 Starter Kit!


- 35 pieces of inventory (One Trend Blend included in count)

- 1 Style Snapshots 

- 1 Stylist Tip Cards

- Necklace Bust

- Paparazzi Party Planner

- 50 Pink Sales Bags

- 25 Pegboard Display Hooks

- Complete Jewelry Tool Kit

- Vinyl Window Decal

- 25 Party Invitations

- 25 Receipts

- 10 Thank You Cards

- 10 Frequent Buyer Loyalty Cards

- 5 Compensation Plan Brochures

- 5 Consultant Enrollment Forms


In EVERY Starter Kit

Each Starter Kit comes with all of these items. Depending on the size of the Starter Kit you enroll with will determine how much of each item you will receive. To find out what it exactly in each different Starter Kit, please look above!

10 pack - $1.00

5 pack - .50 cents

5 pack - .50 cents

100 bags - $4.00

10 pack - $2.50

     Paparazzi Party Planner

25 Party Invitations - $2.50




One Pictured above - $6.99

Varies - One Pictured Above - $4.99

25 pack - $3.50

25 pack - $3.50

about $199.00



Do I get my own website as a Paparazzi Accessories Consultant


As an Independent Paparazzi Accessories Consultant you will get a Paparazzi site. This website will get the same website as other Paparazzi Accessories consultants. It is Paparazzi's corporate site but it will include your name, picture, contact information, and a place to add your "Paparazzi Story".


You will also be able to sign up new recruits from this site as well! Your site goes live as soon as you sign up as a Paparazzi Consultant! You can see my replicated site at Yours will look just like mine except with your info and picture!


Your site address would be Your consultant ID will be given to you at the time of check out.


Your customers will be able to order from this website and you will get the commissions from each sale. You will also be able to hold Website Parties on this site!

Paparazzi Jewelry Slump

In a Paparazzi Slump?

Are you in a "Paparazzi Slump"? Have you done everything you can do to grow your business to just find that all that hard work hasn't paid off? Here are some suggestions on things you can do / should be doing to grow your Paparazzi Jewelry business.


Click on the ideas below to get a detailed "How To".









If you have not tried all of these things in the last 30 days.....DO IT!!! Success is about finding what works for you. If you keep doing the same things that aren't showing results TRY SOMETHING NEW!!! You need to figure out what the best way to run your business is. If you do FaceBook parties and find that no one buys, why do you keep doing them? Try a basket party instead. Keep working your business in different ways to find out what fits best for you and what gets the most results.